Freeze-Dried Whole Foods - The Only Way to Go

What happened to the lost art of whole foods and purely natural ingredients?! It seems that even when we try to buy healthy products there always seems to be something harmful snuck in. 

Not here. We are anti-fillers, anti-preservatives, anti-fake flavours, anti-fake colours, and anti-anything else that could get snuck into dog food. 

We keep it simple. We source strictly from human-grade Alberta protein and chose to freeze-dry raw over any other method for creating treats. Freeze-drying removes all of the water content out of the protein which acts as a natural preservative rather than needing anything artificial added. Not only does freeze-drying raw mean minimal processing, but it also ensures we can contain 99% of the nutrients compared to the loss we would have by cooking or dehydrating. 

You will notice we don't have perfectly even cubes of brown, chalky liver. Why? Because we are taking whole liver and cutting every single treat by hand then placing it directly into the freeze-dryer. With The Dancing Dog treats you will see natural variations in colour, size and texture. It's as natural as possible. It's Happiness in a Bag.